Immigration Experience Poem

Immigration Experience Poem

Kaitlyn Covert


I came from Russia

Three years ago today

I had an interesting journey, along the way

We came on a plane, it was my first time

Never have I ever been so high in the sky.

The clouds looked like marshmallows, they gave me hope

For freedom and that I’d be able to cope

With all the new faces, the trip, and the discrimination to come.

We landed and went to our new home


One week later, I started school.

The kids and teachers were all so cruel.

They talked so fast and bullied me.

They told me I should move to a lower grade

But I kept pushing and trying my best

And now you can’t tell I’m different from the rest.

My name is Kaitlyn Covert. I am 13 years old and I am in 8th grade at the William Penn Charter School. My favorite subjects in school are English, social studies, and art. Outside of school, I participate in competitive all-star cheerleading. I also enjoy reading, writing, shopping, surfing, and hanging out with my friends. In the future, I hope to attend UCLA for college and I want to become a lawyer!