Nighttime is Near

The light sinks beneath the paved, cement floor,
as the dark appears in its emptiness,
and makes you feel oh, so sore.
In the midst of two,orange, purple and yellow rays
spread across the sky,
the cloud-like figures begin to die.
Look and listen, there’s nothing,
not a noise to be heard.
Not an echo, not a whistle
or the chirp of a bird.
The moon, so lonely
always waiting in the sky.
He waits patiently for you to fly high.
He begins to follow and eye you as you walk.
He wants to start a conversation,
he wants to talk.
Connect the dots,
the yellow-blue, fiery dots,
as you lay to rest on your stubborn, rough sleeping cot.
An array of shapes will appear in the crisp, dark blue sky,
while you wrap up in your blankets,
staying tight and secure, with not worry on your mind.
Being wrapped up in your blankets makes it impossible to fear,
Even though you know nighttime is near.

Juwaireyeh Dorsey is a bold, free-spirited young writer. She attends String Theory Performing Arts Charter School and is currently in seventh grade. For Juwaireyeh, she finds that writing is an outlet to express herself and be herself. Therefore, poetry is her favorite style of writing. With such a bubbly and joyful personality, Juwaireyeh finds a way to include her spunk in her writing. She loves vibrant colors and artsy items and hopes to one day work in the cosmetics field.