My Sis

My sister Abby is wonderful!
We love playing barbies together; it is so delightful.

Abby loves pigtails!
She will never take them out.
Abby will always wear pink.
She is a pink pigtail, popsicle princess.

Abby has blond hair,
but my mom thinks it’s gold.
She is very special to me because she was my first friend!
Soon, Abby will be a big sister too!

On January 12, I will have that experience all over again, but this time
Abby will have that experience with me.
I love Abby, and Abby loves me too.
No matter what, Abby will always be by my side
and I will be by hers.
This all came from my heart.


Skylar Wolcott is in second grade and likes art class. She started cheerleading in 2015 and is still doing it today. She loves her two sisters a lot and lives in Lindenwold, NJ.