My Love Story

My Love Story

By Tymir Childress

There was a boy named Khamir. He loved to show off, especially in front of girls. He thought girls were cute, and he didn’t have any other way of letting girls know he liked them. He was 12, but this wasn’t new for him. He had liked girls since he was 10.

One day his mom told him that he was going to go to Sky Zone. On the drive there, he was        hyped! It’s been a while since he went, so it was exciting. When they got there, he ran into the line as his mom signed him up for the jump stations.

In line, he started to do flips. People around him were staring and his mom was embarrassed. He could tell because she was giggling and shaking her head. And then… he saw some girls…cute girls. They were on the trampoline. He ran right over.

He started talking to the girls and said, “Watch this!” He did multiple flips to impress the girls. The girls smiled and they were blushing a little bit. He was on his fifth flip, and he started getting tired. He was hesitating too much, and he landed on his head!  Laying on the ground, his head was throbbing, and his vision was blurry. He saw his mom running toward him.

Out of nowhere, one of the girls wanted to try a flip, but she didn’t know how! Then she landed on her leg. Her parents called the hospital. When the ambulance came, Khamir and the girl were yelling at their parents because they kept asking if they were okay.  Paramedics came, and they grabbed both of them and drove them to the hospital. On the way both kids were screaming and yelling from pain. When they were in the hospital, they took some meds so they wouldn’t feel the pain as much.

Then they started talking to each other, and out of thin air they started arguing. The medicine made Khamir confused. They both said some things they would regret later. Suddenly, they became quiet. Khamir realized the meds messed with his emotions, so he started to say sorry about what he said, and right then, she said sorry herself!

Finally, she formally introduced herself.  She said, ”My name is Dajia.” They started to get used to each other, they told each other their hobbies, their parents names and other life details like that. After an hour they got treated and taken care of. Khamir asked Dajia out and she said yes.

So there you go, my love story.

Tymir Childress is a proud Mighty Writer.