I’ll make a deal with you

I’ll make a deal with you
By Grace Polito

I came to show

Not to the ones who know

But to the ones who need

A bit of a deed

Done in their favor

Like I’m their savior


What is it, you may ask

Oh, just a small task

I will help you out

And, no doubt

It will aid you

A lifetime breakthru


My deeds come with a small price

If you misjudge, I’ll roll the dice

And trust me, you young lad

They won’t be your comrade


It is all a package deal

Wrapped up and with a seal

I will spill the contents

And Grace now presents:


Buy one get one deed for free

The insides you may not see

But trust me they will impact

Your living in your dream act


One day will come

Do not run

I know what’s too little

And I know what’s too brittle


A spark will overcome your body

Side effects, your thoughts become shoddy

But when you wake up from your trance

This will be your final chance

Undo the misdoings you have done

Finally you will have won


Just remember what I said

There will be no, “you plead”

That small price

Would be your demise

Grace Polito lives with her mom, dad, and little brother in Center City Philadelphia. Life is hectic in the city, but Grace still finds time to draw, write and read. She is in the seventh grade at the Julia Reynolds Masterman Laboratory and Demonstration School.