By Grace Heinold


I am not good enough

I will not believe

That I am perfect just the way I am

Because the fact is

I am unwanted

I won’t listen to the people who say

It’s ok

When everything is turning on me I will remember

It’s all my fault

I can’t listen to people who think

I’m beautiful

When I look in the mirror I know

I’m worthless

I don’t have to believe

People will like me


(Now read from bottom to top.)

Grace Heinold is 12 years old and lives in Medford Lakes, NJ with her family.  In her spare time she loves practicing gymnastics and cuddling her two dogs. Currently, she is a Girl Scout Cadette and is working on her Silver Award, which is focused on helping shelter dogs in need. She is also utterly obsessed with Duck Donuts. In her free time, she loves to bike around town with her friends.