Mighty Stars

Mighty Stars

By Shiylah Ayres


Gazing at the stars, they feel too far.

And I need bars.

For real, don’t kill the zone just to feel the pain burning in ya soul.

Make space

For the ones that don’t fit,

And let the haters feel the shame.

They will grow like mud in a meadow.

They break the laws like they break windows. BOOM! CRASH!

But whatever, the haters got nothin’ on us.

We are Mighty Stars.  

We don’t always shine bright but we love to help – big or small

People find their ways.

Find their ways so they can stop feeling shame.

So they can be in the circle of love again.

For real, don’t kill the zone, and you will feel the love that’s burning in ya soul.

Shiylah Ayres is a Mighty Writer.