By Evan Croy

Staring at the satisfying blue sky, watching squirrels running about

Attractive roses galore next to the long stretch of sunshine.

Stepping on the bus, driving down that peaceful road…

Tossing toxic chemicals into the air
Spreading throughout the sky like Febreze particles

Tearing apart our atmosphere.

Air is becoming the polluted ocean.

If we don’t change, the air will be trash floating up.
Wondering what it was like 100 years ago;

The stars shone in all their glory at night,

People were free to see and breathe without worry.

Now, some have to breathe through face masks.
Let’s reverse this process and get the air clean,

Bring the carbon monoxide down that’s shattering the ozone layer.

Looking through the window of the bus,

Thinking about making the world a better place.

Evan Croy is in 7th grade in the Perkiomen Valley School District. He enjoys listening to music, playing the saxophone, cooking, and being on the swim team. He lives with his parents, little brother and two guinea pigs. He cares about our environment and hopes others will too.