The Wild House

The Wild House

By Monyria Harvey


My brother is a dragon, my mom’s a teddy bear.

I’m a shaggy sheep dog with a ton of tangled hair.


My father is a monkey, he likes to make us laugh.

Especially my sister, she’s a tall giraffe.


We are a busy family with many things to do.

Our home is always happy, but sometimes it’s a zoo.


Me, I’m as quick as a cheetah,

My ears can hear like a rabbit,

Just like my teacher I am smart,

And everything comes from my heart.


My heart is as big as an elephant,

My nose can smell like a bear.

A warning to all who enter our zoo,

You will become an animal, too!

Monyria Harvey attends Mighty Writers Penrose. She is 12 years old in 6th grade at Paul Lawrence Dunbar Promise Academy in North Philadelphia. Monyria enjoys sports, music, and taking care of her family.