Back to Earth

Coming back from the cosmos is a curious thing

As one gets used to the song of silence the stars sing

But infinity gets infinitely maddening with time

And life itself seems to lose its prominent chime

So I began re-entry, for my own sake

By diving down to the surface, cloaked in fire

In the process nearly lighting my own funeral pyre

Never once considering what would be at stake

Until ground approached, then suddenly things mattered

Before I could think, I landed, leaving my everything tattered

Yet, my heart still beat, and a thought came to me whilst I was downed

Finally, thankfully, I’ve returned to the ground

Step by step I got my bearings, like a phoenix picking up each and every feather

As I realized that even the worst times were times that I could weather

Taking in my second wind, I began to soar

Piercing the skies, living more

Soon, the ringing of school bells brought me out of the air

But the grin on my face replaced any care

For I knew one thing in this blazing rebirth

After all this time,

I’ve come back to Earth.

Owen Perry is a 15 year old sophomore currently studying at Lansing High School. He has a deep passion for all sorts of creative writing, and intends on making a career out of it.