Ceramic Body

now and then

i still find it hard to love 

the mess i was born as

and have become 

there i go again


but this clay figure has already been molded

went through the roaring fire of a kiln

my body is made, can’t be changed 

wish i could break it, then replace it 


fragile beauty crumbles to the touch

waiting for the set of hands 

that would keep me tough

my ceramic skin is no less than a bluff

call it an exhibition for the hollow one 


there’s glaze for the cracks 

gained not from old age 

below my eyes, in the bags 

i keep my sculptor heart there

pressed to change 

any flaw is fatal

the louvre (cap L?)will be my final home

or else i’ll tip myself over the shelf


and when i shatter

my skin would flake off

break off like puzzle pieces 

then i start scrambling 

to reach for the paint

reach for the clay

reach for the white cloth that hides the day


natural beauty, still a conduit of insecurity

no more tour, exhibition, gallery 

hide me away

till i stop scratching at my new skin

because it pains the artist to see

pieces of me lying on the floor

when i’ve spent so long

piecing me together

Evan Wang is a freshman at the Upper Merion Area High School. After picking up the pen two years ago, he’s never let it down. He currently resides in King of Prussia, PA with his parents who support his poetry despite not understanding a single word. Evan loves reading, listening to music, journaling, and diving into some watercolor and colored pencils from time to time. His biggest inspirations are Amanda Gorman, Savannah Brown, and his life.