Collecting seashells

Overrun by the water

The waves pull me in


Going to the beach

Saltwater in my mouth, yuck

The weather is cold


Sand in my swimsuit

My brother hates the water

Playing in the sand



The Torture of the American Dream

Far away in the United States,

Working to save her children from their dangerous lives,

She feels the distance.

She misses her family.

She could not stand another Christmas or birthday apart.

She dries her tears.

She refuses to subject her children to the perilous journey.

Robbed by her smuggler,

Left without food for three days,

She was lucky.

Thousands of other mothers travel a more dangerous way.

On top of Mexico’s freight trains,

They call it “The Train of Death.”

Gregory Datto is a high school senior at The Tatnall School in Wilmington, DE. He lives in Glen Mills, PA. He is an avid swimmer and cyclist and aspires to study Biomedical Engineering next fall.




My Crazy Family 

Home is a place where kids can be safe
They can have fun on birthdays and eat a lot of cake
Home is where I chill  I don’t gotta worry about paying no bills,
I’m picking up on things that my two sibling normally do at home
I’ve noticed my baby sister is always eating my phone
My baby sister has her teeth, and eats like a beast
She is finally a big girl
she is doing some twists and a couple twirls
My mom she is a beautiful independent woman
She is doing real good in this hood.  My mom treats me better
than any other woman could
My little brother is annoying
he is always asking me for stuff
he’s kinda boring.

That’s everything about my family I hope you enjoyed
thank you very much for listening.

Eriyanah is 12 and in the 7th grade. She attends the Morton McMichael School.


We Are All Equal

We are equal, we are family

Let’s stand together and face the cold world it truly is.


We are in a bad situation: 

Jail, slavery, and death.No one deserves to serve a master 

No one deserves to be a slave 

No one deserves to be killed 

No one deserves to be bought or owned. 


Instead of looting, killing, and rioting… 

let’s heal, nourish, and care for each other in these difficult times. 

There are many problem makers and problem solvers in the world. 

Let’s stop the problem makers that are killing minorities 

and become problem solvers.

There was and still is violence.

Let’s unify and keep the world organized. Let’s not make and live in pain. 

We must become peace, not violence.


Our problem is racial discrimination. 

Stop killing people and be peaceful.

Let’s be equal. 

No one should be killed because of the color of their skin 

whether it’s chocolate, white, lite, or candy.


WE ARE EQUAL. No discrimination shall be allowed anymore! WE ARE EQUAL. No discrimination shall be allowed anymore!



Community Poem

My home

My school

My own little world


The sky

Big trees

Stone houses


The world stretches further 

But I love my bubble

And my love 

Stretches farther further

Than words


Animals, plants

They are safe 

They are calm

They are beautiful


My mind can save the violence

My mind can save the world

Education, bravery, knowledge

Art, logic, creativity




Sparkling hearts of sandstone and ruby

Emerald and gold


Light dancing across emotion

Changing the way we view life

The way we view the world 


The world might stretch

Until the small bubble bursts

But even in silence

There is still the music

Of love



Laughing and talking

Immersing ourselves into each other

Naturally echoing

Echoing, Echoing

I am never part

Of any community




we will all agree

That  we’re together

We will all agree



I want to be a better listener

I want to be a better friend

I want to change the world

And make a print of my hand 

In blood-red ink

On the world


I want to change communities for the better

I want to make them beautiful


My bubble expands 

The tips of my fingers

Graze the surface

Of nowhere


Life is breathed 

Through all sides






A trusting home

Uniquely beautiful 

Depending on the little lights


Sparkling Dancing




The ocean is blue,

It tastes like salt,

It sounds like the waves,

It smells like marine life,

It looks like the rippling surface,

It makes me feel happy.


Dressed Up

Dressed up with a bow

Dancing, singing as I go

To go see JoJo



Philly Poem

Walk down the busy streets of Philly 

To the library a few blocks away 

Get at least five books per week

At the playground I 

read while Elio played.


Pass, kick, shoot, Score! 

Playing soccer at Capitolo

Few things I love more


Hungry! Me and Elio say

Surprise! Going to P’unk Burger

Hooray! Hooray!  


The delicious cheesy burger

A gluten free bun

Fries covered in Vinegar

Oh foodie fun 


And my house, oh how I love my house

My awesome bedroom with biggest bed

Basement playroom, messy as ever

TV ready for Friday movie night


In June on a special day

Go to the Pride Parade

Been Out and Proud 

Since 3rd grade


Bright Rainbows make me feel Glad 

that I am safe and supported here 


I love Philly, 


City of



Home Poem



Warm sugar cookies that my Grandmom prepares.

I love to look, I love to stare.

She always told me not to share 

What has been in her generations for years.

My Mom is sick with a cold. But she’s so bold,

We would not even know if she hadn’t told.

My Dad is kind, my Dad is nice, 

And he never shot down a game of dice.

My little sister is sleeping.

She is so peaceful, she doesn’t notice me peeking.

I can’t escape it, these feelings of home, 

But really, life is unknown.


Blue Sky

Blue sky at my house

Green grass near by the black road

The cat is orange