My Crazy Family 

Home is a place where kids can be safe
They can have fun on birthdays and eat a lot of cake
Home is where I chill  I don’t gotta worry about paying no bills,
I’m picking up on things that my two sibling normally do at home
I’ve noticed my baby sister is always eating my phone
My baby sister has her teeth, and eats like a beast
She is finally a big girl
she is doing some twists and a couple twirls
My mom she is a beautiful independent woman
She is doing real good in this hood.  My mom treats me better
than any other woman could
My little brother is annoying
he is always asking me for stuff
he’s kinda boring.

That’s everything about my family I hope you enjoyed
thank you very much for listening.

Eriyanah is 12 and in the 7th grade. She attends the Morton McMichael School.