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The Bike Shop

The plows have done their work and then some as I coast the washboard lane to a bike shop where the sign on the main road says I can also purchase peach preserves and tractor parts.

Bad Dream of Arithmetic

In those last hours or days you’ll negotiate spheres and rays with Galileo,

the old dogs of Karma

with their past glories sheared off the old dogs of Karma come sniffing around I had left them in the backyard laying around


This poem is my clean porch. That painting is my sparkling oven.

Waiting Room Fairies

Daddy used to say it before he moved away to live with Vanessa.

An excerpt from the novel Holy Day

The Mass is ended.

The Worm of the Heart

On a Saturday morning in late September, while waiting for her estranged husband Del to arrive

Judging a Story by Its Title

I confess that I frequently judge books by their titles. In some cases, this kind of snap decision works every time.


Found someone else’s

Almost Spring

White violets and woodsmoke, Good dogs and bad boys Fooling around down in the ravine,


first descent long journey down to the river

Moved In

Her place is about 5,500 popsical sticks square, a little bigger than my shotgun apartment.