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Letter From the Poetry Editor

Philadelphia Stories is proud to share the winning poem in this year’s Sandy Crimmins National Prize in Poetry!

Aphorism 31: The Immortality Box

It’s said that many of our diseases are phenotypic consequences of adaptation

That Vonnegut Thing

My best friend who I haven’t seen in ten years texts: It’s a Vonnegut thing…when old couples follow each other back to back like that…

Learn to Tell Time!

To navigate the tenacity of the dark do I wave an ochre pistil?

as a river

some ppl see gender as a line but I see it as a river


all the way back to when i was shrieking and my sister was too 

The Weight of Loss

I don’t hear the doctor at first when she asks if I’ve been sleeping

apparent death

you wish you had a body like most birds: strong, supple, sharp.

It’s Not True What They Say About Thunder – ONLINE BONUS

and lightning and how if you count the seconds between the flash and the rumble, you can tell how close

Foxes & Hounds – ONLINE BONUS

In my pocket, the shudder of a newborn marsupial. Along my back, a stampede

The Reading – ONLINE BONUS

You haven’t heard this one, but we were there. In the bright ugly room behind a row of bald professors.


There used to be a hulking, gothic prison in the exact same spot as my neighborhood’s fancy grocery store.

The Dilworthtown Oak

The first book assigned by my new book club in Hong Kong, meeting half a world away from the action it described, detailed the life and career of the Marquis de Lafayette

Smoke Rings – ONLINE BONUS

My grandmother chose Benson and Hedges in the gold package until she saw an ad campaign for Eve and switched because it made her feel more feminine.

Count Each Breath by Maria James-Thiaw

Maria James-Thiaw’s latest collection of poetry, Count Each Breath, evokes images of Eric Garner and George Floyd’s deadly encounters with police and the systemic racism built into our justice system.

Burning Sage by Jennifer Rieger

With the subtitle “Collected Writings on Unconventional Motherhood, Unconventional Teacherhood, and Unconditional Love”, author Jennifer Rieger’s debut essay collection, Burning Sage, attempts to warn you of her emotional journey to come, however, it hardly scratches the surface.

Monsoon Daughter by Mandy Moe Pwint Tu

Monsoon Daughter by Mandy Moe Pwint Tu Review by Ollie Shane To read the review of Monsoon Daughter by Mandy Moe Pwint Tu, click HERE.