Foxes & Hounds – ONLINE BONUS

Editor’s Choice: 2023 Sandy Crimmins Poetry Contest


In my pocket, the shudder of a newborn marsupial.

Along my back, a stampede


of tiny mammoths stomping through snowdrifts,

plummeting down a precipice.


Between our legs, a convergence of ladybugs

seeking out aphids,


reappearing each Spring as if by magic, as if drawn

by the pointillists.  In my eyes,


two black holes born to feast on scattered light,

to render it absent.


My foraging fingers rifle through the typewriter,

are robins shedding feathers


to feed them into keys, ripping out the ribbon

with derricked beaks, nesting


in flocks of silence.  My skull glows from within,

is bioluminescent, cradles


this thinking prisoner of uncertainties accrued,

my embattled mind


a zigzagging chase, both a pack of stubborn hounds

& the foxes it pursues.

Jonathan Greenhause’s first poetry collection, Cupping Our Palms (Meadowlark Press, 2022), was the winner of the 2022 Birdy Poetry Prize, and his poems have recently appeared or are forthcoming in Barrow Street, Bayou, The Fish Anthology, Michigan Quarterly Review, and Permafrost.