Where Dreamers Go

I close my eyes and envision
Looking past the world’s opinions and superstitions
Letting the sky embrace me
My soul joining the stars and flying free
I’ve always been a dreamer
Thinking of wizards, dragons, kings and queens
Imagining potions, beasts, thrones and castles
Magic like you’ve never seen
I fantasize a world of beauty, gardens bright and lush
Friends pick and gather without a fuss
Where dear old neighbors put aside opposition and join hands
Where love spreads all throughout the land
When I close my eyes it all seems clear
The world is new
I need not fear
Where fiction is no longer black and white
My mind, body and soul take flight
My thoughts start to flow
I think up a land where dreamers can go



Suaad Dorsey is a 13-year-old from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She’s always had a passion for words, hence her reason for joining the writing program at her school, String Theory Performing Arts Charter School. Suaad spends most of her time developing stories with her several talented friends from school and her after-school program Mighty Writers. When she isn’t writing, she’s indulging in the fabulous work of John Green, her favorite author. Suaad’s mission is to not only be known for her work, but to also benefit other lives because of it.