Smith’s Watches and Fine Jewelry sat deserted on Cherry St.
Its owner now living in the slums-
For the Depression was on – And with their money gone,
Folks had no interest in fancy time-keepers or brooches.
And though they could sell them to the government instead-
(That was part of Roosevelt’s “New Deal”)
They still sold at a loss.
Which forced Smith’s to close its doors, for lack of money, much needed.
Its owner, now broke, and with a large family to feed,
Decided to kill two birds with one stone-
And go to the Unemployed Benefits Office and the soup kitchen-
In one trip, and then go home.
To say this, without a moan or a groan,
Was quite something, don’t you think?
If you know that before the “big D” set in-
He lived in a mansion with servants and so-
Do you not think it is remarkable, after living in luxury,
Drinking coffee with foam-
To call the slums “home”?


Pearl Ramke is a 12-year-old homeschooler. She lives in Jenkintown, PA, with her mom, dad and bunny, Pfeff. She likes to dance ballet
and play percussion in addition to being interested in science and writing. She also has her own business selling potholders on the
website Etsy. Pearl studies creative writing at the “Teen Lit Magazine” workshop at the Musehouse Literary Arts Center in Germantown (www.musehousecenter.com).