In the beginning
I have gone slowly and simply
Never straying from the path laid out
Obedient, I did what was ordered
Docile, I learned what was taught

In the middle
I have strayed only slightly
Letting some of my colors show
When given some freedom
Doing what I pleased
But staying within certain boundaries

Towards the end
I will come out completely
To live the life I always dreamed
Setting my own goals
Fulfilling new dreams
And letting my whole life shine
The way I want it to be


Martine Fortune is a 9th grade student at the Shipley School in Bryn Mawr, PA. She resides in Philadelphia, PA. Martine enjoys travelling, reading fantasy fiction, writing poetry and short stories. She also runs cross-country and plays basketball for Shipley. Martine aspires to be a writer and professional athlete.