Boom! The electrical discharge in the air is quite interesting.  Dark, pale clouds hover and threaten any object in its way by giving it a shock of death. The blinding white light is faster than the speed of wind. Crack! The earsplitting noise is as loud as an ambulance in New York City. Lights are blinking on and off. Puddles of regret are the tears of babies crying over the roaring monster. Panic arises for pedestrians crossing the street, hurrying to get home. Rain pouring heavily, and beating down hard on everything in its path. The dark and ominous sky lurks above high, making sure everything is frightened by its presence. Children are huddled up in their blankets against the blazing fire to avoid the devil of the night. Boom! Grenades of hail are being thrown at innocent bystanders with anger. As the strength of the monster weakens, the only thing left of the treacherous night is what caused this massacre. Thunder has struck.



Nisha Yeleswaram is an eighth grader. She loves reading, writing, poetry and especially Soccer! She lives with her older brother andmaltipoo.