Stories from Ethel M. Burke School Workshop

Last fall, students at the Ethel M. Burke School in Bellmawr, NJ, spent the day brainstorming and writing creative stories for PS, Jr. Here are writing samples from some participants.

“KABOOM! CRASH!” A spaceship crashed into my best friend’s backyard.  “Hi, my name is Alexis,” the alien said to my best friend, Stephany.  She told her she was from the planet Neptune and because of some trouble with her space craft, she fell from outer space and landed in this mysterious place.

Once the alien shook off the impact from the crash, Stephany told her she had crash landed in a place called New Jersey.   Stephany told the alien not to worry about anything.  She instructed her to leave her mangled space craft in her back yard and decided it would be fun to hangout with an alien.

This is where I come in. Stephany is my best friend, so, the two of us took the alien out shopping. We did tons of “girly” stuff.   We went to the mall, got manicures, and got a a sparkly up do. What a day!

After a long day doing many fun things, we went home.  To our surprise, in Stephany’s backyard, next to the mangled spaceship, was a shiny, bright spaceship with a girl standing beside it.

“Sfeultay!” the alien cried.  “Girls, this is my best friend from Neptune,” our alien friend said.

Sfeultay said as soon as the signal was sent to Neptune about the crash, she came here as fast as possible to get her best friend. The two aliens hugged.  Sfeultay thanked us for taking care of her best friend while she was in New Jersey. She told us she was lucky to find such great girls to take care of her. We certainly had a great time too!  —Francesca

Hi! I’m Harold the orange.  I love to tell  my stories to everyone.  I have  a special person that takes care of me.  But at the present time my owner is sick.  She has the flu, and I HATE the flu!  She has been eating chicken soup and taking medicine, but worst of all she is eating worms.  Apparently she was told that eating worms when you are sick is  good for you.  I really don’t get that.  Anyway, something really bad happened today, and it is way important that I tell you now!

So the terrible thing that happened started when my owner was watching TV.  She had her eyes glued to the TV, and we all felt safe.  That is until we saw her get up.  She walked in the kitchen, then walked to the cabinet … then grabbed a knife… “SLICE!” She cut my dear friend pear in half!

Then, just as she got ready to cut me, she turned a shade of green and “BOOM!” She hit the floor.

My owner had passed out!  I rolled myself over to the phone, and in my best Australian accent, I spoke to the 911 operator in a panic.

“ My sister passed out,” I said. I couldn’t let on that she was my owner, and I was really an orange.

The police, ambulance and firefighters arrived just in time.  They gave her a pill and 3, 2, 1, she woke up!  I was so happy!

So,you may be wondering how I wrote this and whether I eventually became a juicy snack.  When all the commotion was over and the emergency workers were gone, I poked myself with the eraser at the end of a pencil and rolled around to form the letters.

Once it was done, I sent it to President Obama.  Believe it or not, he decided to enter it in the Writing Hall of Fame.  No one would one to eat a world famous writing orange, and my life was saved.   —Braden Ryan

BING! BANG! BOOM! Where am I? Hi, my name is Haggy, and I’m an alien from planet Neptune.

Let me go back a little bit.  I decided I was going to go  for a ride in my spaceship . I opened the door to my bright, blue spaceship, and it closed quickly behind me.  I quickly went to my seat, got buckled up and turned on the gas.  I was ready to take off!  I flew through the sky doing all kinds of tricks ! Oh no – there were blinking lights and beeping noises. I forgot to fill my tank before I took my space adventure.  I was running out of gas! I saw a planet and it was getting closer. I thought better get over there before I completely ran out of fuel.  BEEP! BEEP! I dodged falling stars and moving space rocks.  “Don’t run out of gas! Don’t run out of gas! Let me land safe because I can’t take a crash landing!” I thought to myself.  AHHHH! Too late. There was not enough fuel and I was going down. CRAASSHHH! Ouch! That hurt!

Oh my gosh they’re right before my eyes.  Real humans!

“Is that an alien?” one human spoke to the other.

“Yes, I am Haggy,” I replied. That was enough to scare the humans to death. They quickly ran away screaming.  I knew I needed gas to return to Neptune, but my spaceship was in bad shape. I would need a tool to fix it.  Haggy was greeted warmly in the car, they did not mind aliens they got him the tools he needed .

Luckily, Haggy could fix his space ship himself it got it put together and was ready for lift off.  3,2,1 Haggy was never so happy to return to Neptune .  –Marcus

I’m Joseph the orange, apple is my best friend.  We live in the fruit basket with pear, passion fruit, grapefruit, mango, midget apple and though it sounds weird marshmallow.

You will never guess what happened in the kitchen.  Marshmallow got a pet unicorn.  The unicorn stabbed mango with its sharp point.  “curse you magical majestic creature!”.  It was awful, mango will be bruised for life. We kept mango and the unicorn separated, we did not want any more problems.

Like all magical mystical creatures the unicorn could not stay around for ever, one day he just got all fuzzy and disappeared.  Marshmallow was so upset.  He made up a song and snag it over and over, we did not know what was worse having the unicorn around or hearing the song “OHH unicorn how much I love you, youuuu” We all felt really bad.

I’m not sure what it was, maybe a wish, but don’t you know that unicorn came back.   The look on marshmallows face was priceless but the silence was music to our ears.  Now , our t not normal kitchen  to most people with talking fruit and unicorns went back to our idea of normal minus a few more confrontations with mango and the unicorn.   — Joseph