The Misadventures of my Magic Finger

So, I was at home watching television, and I was using my Magic Finger to get some pretzels — lots and lots of pretzels — and then my dad came into the room.

Wait for it! Wait for it! HE was a pretzel! I was about to eat him when I locked myself in the closet. I heard a creak, and I fell through the floor into a portal. I closed my eyes.

When I opened them, I was in my neighbors’ car and they were turning into pretzels, so I jumped out the window and found myself surrounded by pretzels. Everyone was a pretzel!

The buildings were pretzels, and even the trees were pretzels with pretzel leaves. I ran into the pretzel forest. While I was running, I saw Hunter, my friend. I said, “Hi, Hunter. Why are you running?”

“Why else?” he said. “The pretzels!!!”

Then we heard a snap. Hunter yelled, “Jump!” as we dodge a falling half-pretzel, half-tree thing. And then we heard a call that sounded kind of “pretzelly.” It also sounded kind of “sistery.” (That is just our point-of-view. Hey, don’t judge us — judge our sisters.)

Just then we saw flying salt, and I say, “Well, hello to you!”

Our sisters appeared, but they were pretzels. Hunter and I both swung our fists and sliced them in half. I jumped in to eat them, but missed. Hunter had pulled my arm and swung me into the dirt as the trees shot salt at us.

It was a mad forest! Hunter and I ran for our lives, just as things were about to get salty! We were blinded by salt, which quickly covered us completely. We tried to navigate through it for help, but it was too late. We were trapped!

That is, until our friends Josh, Elliott and Lev arrived and dug us up. We were all in for a wild ride! We ran through the forest, jumping quickly so we wouldn’t sink. Lev told us a pretzel weakness — it’s another pretzel. He also told us the secret so pretzels can’t detect you — you have to hold a pretzel up to them. Good to know!

We went to my house and sneaked into the kitchen and got one pretzel each. Just as Lev was about to get his, a pretzel jumped through the window! My dog, Henry, barked once, but before he could bark a second time Hunter sliced the pretzel in half.

“Good one!” I said.

But we were surrounded, so I yelled, “Jump!” as a pretzel went flying under us and knocked down a wall of pretzels.

“YYYeeeessssss!!!!” I yelled. “Come on!” I yelled again.

We all ran out the door. I tripped over a rock. “Mmff,” I said.

I kicked the rock, and it bounced off the wall and hit me in the head. I yell, “Arg, you deadly rock!” But Josh told me it was a form-crystal.

“A form tile?” I asked.

“No, silly,” he says. “A form-crystal. It can turn one thing into another.

“Sorta like me and my finger?” I asked.


“Hey! Maybe it can change everyone back!”

“Yeah!” Elliott yelled. “Now you can find out!”

I point the crystal at a rampaging pretzel and say, “Photosynthesis!”

The pretzel turned back.

“Yes!” I said. “This thing works!”

“How did you know to say that?” Lev asks.

“It told me to,” I said.

“What told you to?”

“The crystal, you mindless person!” I said.

“Come on!” Josh says. “We’ve got some humans to fix!”

Jason Kraus is a Grade 2 student at Myers Elementary School in Elkins Park, PA. He loves to play with Legos and to write creative stories. He also loves to draw and play the drums.