Every day I carry my arms and legs
in a sling suspended from my teeth.
There’s a physicist who sits in
a corner of the bar I frequent, and
brags of how he’s working on
a mathematical formula that will connect
everything in the universe. “I certainly
hope that there’s something you can do
for me,” I mutter out the side
of my mouth so as not to drop my
dangling appendages. He smiles and nods
and looks dreamily out the window at the stars,
perhaps for inspiration from the divine.
Then, seeing none forthcoming, he turns
his gaze back to the bartender and
exclaims, “ANY DAY NOW!” as his smile
disappears and his blue-eyed optimistic
gaze is fixed to the bottom of an
empty glass.

Jason Jones is a graduate of Temple University. He lives in Philadelphia and works as an Editor for Taylor and Francis Group, LLC.

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