If I Ruled the World, Imagine that

If I Ruled the World, Imagine that

Edifice poem in response to If I Ruled the World (Imagine That) by: Nas ft. Lauryn Hill


Life, I wonder 

Will they take us under?


Imagine walking around 

In fancy, flashy dresses,

plenty of people who 

actually wanna deal

with all the messes.


mothers and fathers, more conscious 

of who is talking to their daughters- 

and let’s not forget about the sons, 

who don’t wanna be one with society.


What the heck is this economy?


no one talks about their friends 

who wanna pretend like

they respect their elders, 

and listen to their mother and father,

but they really out here messing with somebody’s daughter. 


these kids might as well

feel like they some kind of foster 

no one around to help 

they’ll only do it when 

they see a whole bunch of wealth 

of course that’s why heads out here moving stealth 


cops harassing for unreasonable reasons 

let’s not forget about MLK, 

What did he say?

“This isn’t the way” I bet he’d say 

He had a dream, everyone got it all wrong, 

so it seems.


Stop worrying,

about the materialistic things,

remember when you and your friends, 

used to play on the playground and swings?


Being a jerk doesn’t show your worth.


It’s a serious crime,

the government wasting their time,

worrying about all the wrong people,

they’re the ones who know their equal.

World War II, this might as well be a sequel. 


Let’s bring peace to all the people. 

Mia Haas is 17 years old and lives in Pennsylvania. She has been expressing herself through poetry since she was 12 years old. She published her first poetry book on her 17th birthday. She enjoys music, playing sports, and loves performing arts.