A Man Named New York

A Man Named New York

What if he leaves 

What if one day he packs his suitcase 

And walks out the door 

I would floored 

The cement dripping down my chest onto the hardwood 

With broken plates scattered around me like a garden 

Flowers from the fight 

The light over the counter 

It’s all planted in my head 

Growing like weeds 

Vines in my hair and all down my arms 

What if he leaves 

Kisses me on the cheek and turns away 

Fading into the rain 

I’m left standing on the sidewalk 

Remembering that none of them ever stay 

Just me and my red raincoat in the blue city 

Slipping into a yellow taxi to take me back to an empty apartment 

The big apple took a big bite out of me 

Sweet, red rotted fruit when you left your key 

What if he leaves 

What if he left it all behind 

The kisses, the fights, the wonderfully wasted time 

He was the thread sewn through the skyscrapers 

Holding me together

He used to be put the city that never sleeps to bed 

But I’m forever awake in Manhattan 

A man named New York bustling in my head. 

Violet Binczewski is a sophomore at Mount Saint Joseph Academy. She is a published author, releasing a book of poetry in 2024 titled “The Ocean and Her Shadows” with Vanguard Press. She won the Patriot’s Pen Essay competition locally in 2019, and her work has been published in Notre Dame’s Preparatory School’s The Hampton Review, as well as Mount Saint Joseph Academy’s The Muse. She is also an editor of The Campanile, the student-generated news site of Mount Saint Joseph Academy. She lives in North Wales, PA with her family, and when she is not writing, she is usually reading or listening to Taylor Swift.