Hopes and Dreams for Back to School

Virtual learning was set up as an emergency effort by teachers because of the pandemic, this COVID-19 that is keeping everyone in quarantine.  So as we continue forward, everyone has to keep moving and keep growing.

There are some improvements that can be done with online learning to make the experience better, because everyone learns differently and not everyone is in a perfect learning environment.  So if that is taken under consideration when planning the lessons, the learning  will be fun and  the more  students will be engaged.

During this pandemic, I believe that teachers should be able to allow students to be free to some extent during online classes.

There  is a lot of pressure on the students of the classroom. For example, children also have responsibilities at home especially now and teachers need to respect the fact that parents are going to have to sometimes pull them out of class.

Parents  need all the help they can during this quarantine.  This is a fact teachers can’t ignore, so they should try to be aware of these things without it disrupting the learning process.

All people need breaks. In normal times, at most schools every class goes on a class trip for relaxation and learning. Unfortunately, we are under lockdown.

Since everyone is on a computer or some type of electronic device; classes could go on virtual “class trips.”  A trip to the Franklin Institute and trips around the world are all possible online, giving everyone, including the teachers a break from the classroom and even have some fun in the  process! It will keep everyone engaged and improve drastically!

The big hope is that this Spring will be an improvement on virtual learning.   All virtual classes are going to need improvement, and while it may be difficult, it can be done. Schools just need to remember to be mindful of home situations and keep things fun and exciting.

I think things will get better though.  Once you do something for the first time you are going to get better as you keep doing it.  The more we continue online learning, the better the students and the teachers will get helping each other learn.