Earth, fire, water, and wind. Each element provides humanity with something amazing but holds the power to conjure unwieldy disasters. Earth, with its aesthetic landscapes and array of color and textures, could collapse at any given moment, causing worldwide adversity.

Fire, an element of power and agility, its welcoming warmth and flames that dance upon coals, manifests itself into something beautifully destructive. In an instant, it can turn a cherished family gathering around the fireplace, or a simple electric light, into your greatest fiend, its beauty laced with perjury, causing chaos. It leaves a tempest that has no mercy for those lucky enough to survive its vile rage.

Water, cleansing and refreshing, cool and inviting, has the alluring supremacy of having us repose upon its warm, sandy shores. Its beauty and meditative rhythms are like no other, yet when angered water holds the ability to engulf and envelope everything in its wake.

Wind, fickle and everlasting, provides a cool and calming sense to those in its path. In the same hand, a simple breeze has the capacity to swallow everything in its sight, providing us with a whirlwind of terror.

These elements provide us the necessary good and evil that comes with everything else in the world, allowing us to set a middle ground in which we can live in harmony among one another. There is always half a glass, whether you see it as full or empty.


Marissa Wenglicki is 14 years old and currently attends PA Cyber Charter School. She is from Feasterville, PA.