Colors, Why?

 I am black,
you are white
We are the same,
we have equal rights.

 In the Declaration of Independence it says
“We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal,”
But at that time, it only meant white men.
Not even white women, and
Not black men or women —
Just white men.
This is unfair.
And sadly, we aren’t much better today.
We are in better shape than we used to be,
but still not 100 percent.

 It seems easy enough
to make all women and men
have the same rights,
but our country can’t get this right.
Our country can’t get it right.

 We have to accept people for who they are,
and not judge them for what they are not.
Whether you are purple, green, black or white,
come join me in this fight.
But do not fight — just unite.
Yes, do not fight, just unite.

 Unite with us:
We the people,
who don’t nod our heads to segregation and racism.
We the people,
who don’t care if you are polka-dotted or striped —
Just if you are kind and nice.

 Take Marian Anderson
She had a voice —
a voice that made people cry
in joy.
But she never got a chance
at being in a music school,
and I’ll tell you why.
The people that worked there wouldn’t accept her
because of her skin color.
How rude!
So she had to get private lessons.
Like what?!

 So, let’s stop this age of judging,
and start embracing other cultures.
We can’t stop our country from being a melting pot.
So we can’t stop our  country from being cool —
With all the different colors.
So, what are you waiting for?
Go change the world!
I said,
Oh, and by the way —
You only have three minutes.

Helen Dugan is a fourth grade student at Myers Elementary School in Elkins Park, PA.  She loves gymnastics and is on a competitive team, and she plays the guitar. She also loves to read, she loves Star Wars, she enjoys playing flag football and she has a youtube channel.