Academy Students in Plein Air


Her teardrop crystal twirls
in the window tossing rainbows
made of fractured angles only
and the sun whose love, daily,
could hardly be refused
so it scatters radiant hues
on the carpets and the walls


where her hand-painted bibelots
still linger, clinging to corners
that we hardly care to clean
seeing them only now and again in daylight
but mostly in the dim night light
when startled, maybe, we remember more—


like her later years spent glazing
pigments that crack in pattern over ceramics,
spectra dripping from the grip
of fingers that wouldn’t cease creaturing
miniatures now dusted daily with time
they can hardly refuse.


I am a Philadelphia native and have been in West Philadelphia for the past four years. My poems have appeared in Apiary and my published work to-date can be viewed online at