Autumn Drive

I’m watching the speedometer climbing
And the curvy gray ribbon of back road
Bound for the pet-packed home and bedtime of
My most precious cargo in the back seat.
His earnest little voice chatters on about

What else? Trains. My grandson explaining
Electric-train pantographs connecting
To power lines as he connects me to
The future. I see a John Deere tractor ready to
Turn onto the road in front of us.

At the same time, his surprised voice calls out
Look, Grandma, giant marshmallows in the field!
Indeed, white-covered circlets of hay
Dot lush green pastures lit by the amber
Syrup of October sun.

I slow down. Awakened eyes join his
To share fuchsia, mauve and Prussian blue
Cloud strokes across the sky—the cows
Glowing, the trees rusting as the sun
Flames through its last glorious minutes.

Cheryl Grady Mercier writes from her New Jersey home after taking early retirement from a medical/communications working life. She is currently enrolled in Rowan University?s graduate creative writing program.

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