A Little Temporary Peace

After the sun has made its rounds
and is slowly drifting to sleep
After the birds and squirrels have joined
the trees that wish and weep

The thoughts all slip away
into the world that lies ahead
Only colors in the distance
The sadness has finally fled

There is nothing to think about
Only things to see and hear
about the world it used to be
when it was without fear

A little temporary peace
before the day begins
A little temporary peace
before the hateful sins

Before the dark shadows come
Before the poison swallows all
There is beauty on the earth and sky
There is simpleness in it all

There is a little temporary peace
A tiny bit to share
A shield to the darkness
that threatens everywhere

The quiet has yet to retreat to its den
The beauty has yet to come to a cease
The tranquility has yet to go over yonder
And there is a little temporary peace

Mira Tensuan-Eli is a sixth grader at Haverford Middle School in Havertown, PA. She enjoys reading, writing poems and short stories, and staring off into space. She prefers quietness or soft music, but can deal with any atmosphere as long as she has an interesting book.