dexter giglio

PRISM by Dexter Giglio, Age 9 © 2012

Photo by Dmytro Kyrychenko


Photo by Dmytro Kyrychenko, Grade 7 © 2012

His work was featured in the “Tacony in the Frame” photo contest and exhibit at the Tacony Branch of the Free Library.

Cover Art Summer 2012



COVER ART: The cover art is the work of students from Myers Elementary School in Elkins Park, PA. They study with art teacher Kara Hopkins. From top left:

ROW 1: “Van Gogh-Inspired Flowers” by Konrad R., Kevin A., and Keliah R. (Grade K).
ROW 2: “April Showers” by Cecelia M., and Kevin D, and Juliet S. (Grade K).
ROW 3: “Picasso-Inspired Girl Before A Mirror” by Sophia W., Abigail L., and Darcy W.-H., (Grade 1).




THE ESCAPE by Robert Scordia, Age 18 © 2012

The Mobster Speaks

I am in hand cuffs…again.
They don’t know I did it.
I’m smarter than those investors.
I know how to make money.
They don’t.
I remember that Halloween night in1989.
I was dining at Dante & Luigi’s.
As I ate my spaghetti, a man pulled a gun
out of a trick or treat bag and shot me.
But I lived through that. And I can do it again.


Levi Veleanu is 9 years old and lives in West Mt. Airy. He is homeschooled. He participated in last November’s NaNoWriMo challenge and averaged 290 words per day on his novel, The Dragon Dream. He was a student in the Tween Lit Magazine course at Musehouse.

Great Grandma Bea

Here I am again,
propped up for the photographer’s pleasure.
It’s easy to see how photographs make memories.
Will future relations remember me simply as the gaunt, unsmiling soul
peering out to them?
Stripped of my homeland and family just
to come to the land of promise.
I believe my soul reaches out farther than the glass
and gently taps the shoulder of the viewer,
connecting us.
I may be gone when
my great-granddaughter writes a poem to preserve my memory.
I know that I will be proud.
Share it. Share it with others.



Mia Nadira Carter studied creative writing at last year’s Teen Lit Magazine at the Musehouse Literary Arts Center in Germantown. Her poem The Night Sky was published in the Winter issue of Philadelphia Stories, Junior.


Through the air,
Eating away at life,
Creating a silhouette behind you.
So pretty, yet grotesque,
In your wavy frame,
Wild and untamed.
You kill and burn,
You twist and turn,
You bring warmth and pain,
Destruction and comfort,
And this is what the human soul longs for.



I’m twelve years old and in the sixth grade. I enjoy school, especially writing. I’m not quite sure what I want to be when I’m older, but I’m on the fence between some kind of scientist and a writer.