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“William, you’re running late!” his mother yelled up the stairs. “I’ll be down in a minute,” Will said, opening his eyes and peeling himself off his bed. He still hadn’t packed; he’d just put off the inevitable. He strode over to his closet and tried to calm his nerves. Will wrenched open the door, prepared [...]

The Confessions of a Not-So-Only Child

            Let the record show that I, Ivy Lee Miller, loved being an only child. I cherished my perfect family, with just my mom, dad, and me. I was happy about not having to share my room, my toys, and especially my parents’ love. Now, however, I am not content with these feelings as they [...]


I wrote my first story sitting under the oak tree as tall as the Empire State Building.             I might have been ten years old, but it’s hard to remember now, three years later. My memory is so fogged, I can’t even remember what the story was about. I have lost so many notebooks over [...]


Falling. Falling into darkness. It won’t end. There is no end. I keep going. The wind makes my spine crawl. I feel my heart beating. It’s in my throat. I clench my fists. Force a smile on my face. When the bottom comes I want to be…             I jolt. This room, its full of [...]

African Weave

“Hurry, Tibira! I want to get there quickly!” Niki’s voice echoed through the serene white noise of the forest. “Niki, you want to get everywhere quickly!” I replied, quickening my pace to catch up with her.  “Maybe, but this is different! We are going to Ife! We are going to the place where the world began, and [...]


Sense of one is a part of moreFeeling of interests in others’ worthWalking on the same path, whether exciting or boreKeeping all the secrets of our mind we swore.Monotonous people, even them we hold close,Being a part of something bigger is what we love most.In this group we all feel like the hostSo, to the [...]

My Cat

I am


Cute and cuddly

I Do Not Cry

This is how I don’t cry. When I’m going to cry dark clouds roll in and thunder rumbles. To stop crying I cross my heart and I settle down. The clouds roll back, sun comes in and I start to think about summer.     James is in kindergarten and likes to draw and write [...]

Ocean Trip

I see golf courses

My Dream Dog

He has dots on his face


For two minutes and forty four seconds, I watch the night, in its luminescence. Heavy clouds twist, like so many dark ribbons, Dark velvet punctured only by stars, clouds overridden. Pudgy cats yowl in alleyways deserted, Shadows confuse them, their pouncing thus thwarted. A beer bottle crashes, from nowhere, it seems. The echo dies out [...]

She’s Dead

The books lie behind the phone.


Dance, Through the air, Eating away at life, Creating a silhouette behind you. So pretty, yet grotesque, In your wavy frame, Wild and untamed. You kill and burn, You twist and turn, You bring warmth and pain, Destruction and comfort, And this is what the human soul longs for.     I’m twelve years old [...]

Great Grandma Bea

Here I am again,

The Mobster Speaks

I am in hand cuffs…again.


Cover Art Summer 2012

Photo by Celeste Whyte

Photo by Dmytro Kyrychenko

Photo by Alyssa Shilkitus, Grade 8 © 2012

Photo by Dianna Gavrykh, Grade 7 © 2012