Current Issue

A Coffee Can Buried in the Lawn

Leaving the house, I carried the can tight under my arm, like a football.

After The Deluge

We knew it was better just to ignore her, stay out of her way.


With the American girl, I had a chance. Americans do not want to be racist. In Russia we do not care. We are racist.

A Broken Arm, a Mended Heart

From the get-go I thought, “this guy is dangerous.”

Why I Need to Downsize

Because I looked for two months for the wind-chimes.

A Still Pond Means Certain Suffocation

last frigid winter the koi pond was a sacrifice

Tricking Your Monkey Mind into Writing

You’ll have to find out what motivates you

Is It Better to Sleep

I am trying, I am trying

Returning Home from the Fertility Clinic

She destroyed the garden in her good pants

When Harry Left the Trees

Harry’s wife stopped me and started to

Bundle of White Flowers

Every time I see a bundle of white flowers


After a postcard of van Gogh’s “Bedroom at Arles”

September 5, 1957

Jack, I can see you on that New York corner waiting

A Neighbor Like David

I live across the street from a forty-year-old man with Down syndrome.

You’ve Been Dreaming about Streetlamps Again

Before the same strange house


You’ll drizzle rich black sesame oil over everything.