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Where The Rubies Live

The night before I became a failed salesman, I was wired and awake in Derek’s room, gazing out his window, reading his Anatomy textbook, and eating peanut butter with a knife.


Dennis can’t believe Terry and I will give up a vacation day to visit the family cemetery, but once I convince him that I’m not kidding, there is silence on the phone.

My Cousin’s Love Affair with Slime Mold

It started innocently enough. A hike in the Oakland woods after a heavy rain. The ground still wet, the dense foliage sated and glistening. She hiked for exercise, to meditate, to escape the demands of a job in graphic design. It was a routine, an enjoyable way to recharge.

The Idea of Ruby Seeds

We left the pomegranates to leather in the back of the fridge,

Betsy Ross’ Girl

Tried to put in some orchid purple yellow, and some coffee colored brown like my fingers I pricked helping with all her stichin.

Each Morning I Pray to the Microwave

I see God through greasy glass or is that last week’s potato I forgot—I am sick of potatoes with their many staring eyes—

My Father Sells a Vacuum Cleaner to James Michener

On the writer’s doorstep of a large house overlooking the river, my father speaks to the housekeeper.

Conversation between Saints

gladiolus gather in an attempt to deflower spring.

Philadelphia Stories celebrates its 15th anniversary with a live auction, art exhibit, and book release

PHILADELPHIA,  September 9, 2019—Philadelphia Stories celebrates its 15th anniversary with a gala event at the Cheltenham Center for the Arts (439 Ashbourne Road, Cheltenham, PA) on Saturday, November 16, 2019, from 7-10pm. The festivities will include a cocktail reception, live auction, art opening, and the release of The Best of Philadelphia Stories, 15th Anniversary Edition [...]