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“Lila, you have to hold my hand.” Michael is using his Big Voice, the one to remind me he is five years older and this, in his mind, makes him the boss of me.

Like Nothing Happened

It’s an hour drive from our office in Wilmington down to Dover, and my colleagues wanted to carpool, so I’m praying something goes wrong.


Grace and I met six months ago. Mutual friends who had been conspiring to get us together finally succeeded.

The Man in Building H

He splits cells and grafts them together, an art he perfected with his children, a family


The island is this: rimmed with trees

Dear Pylvia Salth

I am drunk & listening to 4:49 a.m.

Gettysburg Parable

After his speech the people who’d assembled to imbibe

Don’t Tell Me Your Childhood Was Not A Minefield

Mark Danowsky is a poet from Philadelphia. He is Managing Editor for the Schuylkill Valley Journal and Founder of the poetry coaching and editing service VRS CRFT.”

Like It really Is

My stepson is reading Romeo and Juliet for his eighth grade English class. I asked him what he thought about it the other day during dinner.


She was a fast learner, an easy learner, therefore, a joy. She could be counted on, never late, sitting front row, her hair twisted twice, pulled and bound by a ribbon.