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The Truth of August

He rode on a bicycle in the middle of August with a sunflower between his teeth.

That Feeling You Get Sometimes

Sometimes I sit in my room

“For You A Thousand Times Over”

There is a Polaroid image

My America

Blue and white

Battle Scars

The scars—

So Tight, So Right

You were right

Communal Pen Friend

Sometimes, I forget to breathe.


No service.


The towel slips off, falling to the ground, and with it falls the composure of a well-rounded girl.

A Natural Departure

From you, I grow farther

The Beast that Follows

Snap. My head jerks up. My heart beats faster. I can’t even see five feet in front of me.

Empty Dreams

Black talons, coated in thick, slimy gloss tap on the windowpane.  Slowly, agonizingly slowly, the thin glass cracks.  Uneven lines race each other across the glass.  A young boy hears the soft cracking, jostling him from slumber.  The creature taps again, and a small hole allows the moist breath of the animal to seep into [...]


The sparkle in her eye is magical and breathtaking.  Her cheeks blush, and a giggle escapes her lips.  A silent conversation floats between the couple.  As the minutes pass, I am able to define the characteristics of the thread that tethers the humans together. If I glance quickly, I am unable to witness the magic.  [...]


Baseball was my life. Whenever I was on the field in my muddy cleats, about to throw a game winning pitch, I felt important and powerful, like I had control over something in my life. But the magic ended when I stepped off the field and reality hit. When I stepped off that field I [...]

Cheltenham Center for the Arts Summer Art Camp 2015


Girl with Pencils