Titleless Suspense

As I crept in the night,

I heard a creature tiptoeing up the steps.

I heard its heart beating, oblivious and unsuspecting.


Ignorant to the dangers that lurk in the dark.

In particular,



Sixteen stairs for them to climb,

And one by one they go.

So amusingly incognizant.


And as they get closer to the top,

They just don’t know

It’s About To Go Down…




Its heart races at the speed of light.

Terror engulfs its face.

It cries and screams in terror,

And then I turn on the lights…


“What’s up, sis?”

Anthony Wallace is 14 years old with a wide variety of interests. Along with writing, his interests include reading, aerospace engineering, playing basketball (and burying his opponents 100 feet under), cooking, and “being the best me that I can be.”