The Tiger

Silently and softly, the striped predator creeps along the edges of the marshy mangrove while watching an animal leave the safety of its home. When the unsuspecting prey comes closer to the meat-eater’s hideout, the brutish feline pounces. 

As amazing as it is, this monstrous creature can strike with an impassive face and won’t give its prey any mercy. This deadly feline is known as the tiger. Their deadly physical features,  found all around the world and amazing ability to fascinate others is what makes tigers beasts.

Easily the biggest cat in the world, tigers are predators due to their physical features. Their bright orange and dark black stripes can easily help them camouflage into their surroundings.     

This helps them locate prey without their food knowing that they’re there. 

Their sharp teeth can rip up any tough meat so it’s easier for them to swallow and not choke on it. 

Their claws are probably the most prized thing on their body, as the stealthy cat scratches its claws against the bark of a tree to make them very sharp.  

When it’s time to hunt, they attack with their claws and forceful front legs. These muscular front legs are usually what knocks the attacker or prey down. 

It also has great eyesight, which is helpful for seeing in the night when food is scarce. Amazing body features may be what keeps this cat alive!

This carnivore lives in many different regions across the globe and each has its own variety of food sources. The Bengal Tiger lives in India, and there it can feed on many different animals, such as beef, chicken, buffalo, and goat.  Likewise, the Siberian Tiger has a diet of many types of meat including elk, deer, and boars. There are many different types of tigers all over the world, each with a diet that suits them. 

The reason tigers are so fascinating is because all of their traits, both inside and outside, are unique.  Their bright orange swirls and dark black stripes are probably what makes this scary creature so beautiful.  

The silent and swift way it moves is what makes them so agile. Even being a solitary animal, these monsters can take down animals such as wild buffalo! 

Most tigers are also very protective. They will not let other animals get near their family and will also put up a fight to let the other tiger escape. 

They are loyal to each other, only when the other is loyal back. Tigers can have many different ways to astonish others unlike themselves.

All in all, tiger’s physical features, their population across the globe, and their personality may be what fascinates. Those outstanding traits will cause anyone to be in awe !  Tigers are sometimes considered the world’s most threatening creature, even more than lions! 

Though  tigers are ferocious, they are an endangered species. 

Many different reasons are making their number decline such as hunting and habitat loss.

With the tiger population decreasing  , the world  will be different. Tigers are a massive part in the Earth’s making, helping the diversity of species and other animal populations be under control, so we have to make sure they stay. 

Anushka Dhar is a 6th grader at John Adams Middle School.