The Girl in the Window

Bombs fall,
the earth crumbles beneath our feet.
Everything we have turns to ashes,
not even at home… are we ever safe.
in the wrath
of their disgrace,
it’s hard to even know who we are sometimes
because all we ever do is hide.

in the old brick buildings we call Church,
protected by the Almighty we believe in,
that we think keeps us safe
yet also crumbles on impact.
We are lost,
all in the smoke and ashes of memories…
not forgotten,
the awful truth that leaves a brutal scar.

We think we have each other
but it’s just a film of betrayal,
that keeps sliding through our grasp,
something we can’t control.

It leaves us with nothing but hope.
Hope is something that can only be broken by words,
horrible things said,
we retreat back to the place in our soul,
all hollow and dim,
we go back to the churches
crumbling on us.

It’s just a cycle going round and round.
the war stops…
we still have nothing…
some without lives,
and all it leaves are the mental scars
that we,
will never lose.