The Girl in the Stars

She’s always had her own style
But never has she understood her strength
Never has she understood her power
She’s always been the wild one, the girl with a pep in her step
The girl with the unforgettable charisma
But never has she understood her potential
Her entire life has been an experiment
The adrenaline that comes with trying new things keeps her inspired
But never has she truly known the definition of inspiration
Her downfalls may sound like they’ve kept her in the dark
But someone that shines so brightly cannot be contained
That is her greatest strength, although she hasn’t realized it yet
No one’s words can reach the girl in the stars



Suaad Dorsey is a 13-year-old from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She’s always had a passion for words, hence her reason for joining the writing program at her school, String Theory Performing Arts Charter School. Suaad spends most of her time developing stories with her several talented friends from school and her after-school program Mighty Writers. When she isn’t writing, she’s indulging in the fabulous work of John Green, her favorite author. Suaad’s mission is to not only be known for her work, but to also benefit other lives because of it.