The Dangers of Letting Your Skeleton Out

The Dangers of Letting Your Skeleton Out

by Ayah Pearson

Imagine your skeleton broken and alone in a dark alleyway littered with candy wrappers. Your skeleton wants to get back to you but it can’t. Imagine how terrified your skeleton would be; you can’t even go save it. You know it’s past your skeletons curfew and you’re wondering what’s taking it so long. Soon you start to get worried and come to realize what happened. Don’t let this happen to you and your skeleton. Here are all the things that can happen to your skeleton in October.

Your skeleton should stay inside your body, especially on Halloween. Because it may be easily lost, it may become damaged if you haven’t had enough calcium. And finally, because you will be a brainless meatsack without it.

Your skeleton may be easily lost.

There are many skeletons around during the holiday. There are also costumes, decorations, and possibly other real skeletons! Your skeleton can blend in and be lost forever. Also your lil skelebuddy may be stolen! I don’t know who would do such a terrible thing but it can happen. So be careful. Someone may mistake it for their own because skeletons are very similar unless they’re missing a piece or have been chipped.

Your skeleton may become damaged if it goes out on Halloween. If you don’t have enough calcium, your skeleton may become brittle and end up chipping on its nice spooky day out, which is bad for you and your skeleton for many reasons. For example, a chipped or broken skeleton won’t be very comfy once it goes back in. It might pinch or scrape your insides, which can lead to organ leakage, gross. If your skeleton breaks, it might not be able to make its way back to you. And that sucks because you’re not exactly in the best shape to go find it yourself. Luckily there are skeleton finding services available during the month of October. You will be a useless meatsack l without it. When your skeleton leaves it’s most likely going to take your brain with it. It would be very time consuming and a big pain for your skeleton to take out your brain before leaving, so they don’t bother. You, now a brainless meatsack, would probably just slug out on the floor until your skeleton returns. Your heart and other organs somehow still work without your brain, how odd.

Just hope no one sees you in this state because once your skeleton leaves, everything that is in your intestines will drain, which is disgusting. Then, you’ll have to clean it up when your skeleton gets back covered in candy and other Halloween related things.

So, in conclusion, lots of bad things can happen to you and your skeleton during the month of October, especially on Halloween. Keep your skeleton safe inside your fleshy fleshy self and make sure to get lots of calcium.

My name is Ayah Pearson, I am homeschooled and in the ninth grade. I like to write horror because I’m a big scaredy cat. That along with my vivid imagination gives me the fuel to write scary stories and thrillers. When I’m not writing I like to draw, read, design characters, and ride horses. I live in Philadelphia with my mom, brother, and my stuffed animals.