Flash of grey, ignore the scratching
Deny, deny, deny: Until he shows himself
Cocked head as if wondering
Who wandered into his wood
Roofer-doctored skylight
That’s how the bastard arrived
“I’ll check traps each day at noon.”
Words city boys should never say
“Come on! Six-three! Two twenty-five!
You’re not scared, are you?”
Again, again, again
Mind corners thoughts
Or is it the other way?
D├ętente settles in shingled layers.
Close it off. Shut it down.
How many huddle in the cold?
Catch it. Kill it. Eat it.
Your ancestors’ soft smile.
It’s better not to know
What goes on in the attic

Frank Diamond has 30 years writing and editing experience for newspapers, magazines, and television, and is currently the managing editor of Managed Care Magazine. Diamond has released a novel, The Pilgrim Soul, and a short story collection, Damage Control. His short stories have appeared in Innisfree, and Kola: A Black Literary Magazine. Diamond lives in Langhorne, Pa., with his wife, Kate, and daughter, Emily.

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