Picture ‘Perfect’ Land

Picture ‘Perfect’ Land

By Cate Haines


I board the plane with rocks in my chest

Which I’m surprised the metal detector didn’t sense

But my mom says everything will be just fine

Because way too soon we’ll cross the borderline


We’ll be leaving behind the people I need

To go to a picture ‘perfect’ land that I’ve never seen

Aside from the pictures and films on TV

Where the only moral seems that everyone’s free


The sadness and loneliness has filled up my aura

As I feel my family just wants to leave behind that era

When we’re where we fit in and with the people to which we belong

As if they haven’t tried enough to tell us that leaving our homeland would be wrong


And the ghosts will never leave me

Of the friendships that will be left across the sea

And my mom tells me as she grabs more tissues

“We’re gonna make a new life and leave our ‘outdated issues’”

Cate Haines has been writing poetry for about a year, and loves musical arts and hanging out with her friends.