Poem: the Philly in me

days and nights down the drag
like sunny dominoes that
fall to their black side
trash food&football
ATMs, cover bands
November looks no different
than July
I’m in a land
of too-good living
girls just saying
as you walk on by.
my rat gut and hardknock
I have to check ‘em
‘til I’m back in the rooms
and I can unfold
my misery there
infinitely more foolish
than I felt
smiling on the strip
&grinnin’ on the drag.

Dying poet, hack journalist, antiquated troubadour. Farewell to Armor, Jim Trainer’s full-length collection of poetry is out now through WragsInk and available on Amazon.com. Trainer currently lives in Austin, TX, where he serves as contributor, curator, editor and publisher of Going for the Throat, a semi-daily publication, at jimtrainer.wordpress.org.  Plato was right.

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