Philadelphia Stories 2018 – 2021 Strategic Plan


In the fall of 2013, a committee comprised of members of the Philadelphia Stories community, board, and volunteers came together with a vision to create a short- and long-term plan for the growth and sustainability of Philadelphia Stories.

After completing our first 3-year strategic plan, the committee revisited the goals and updated the plan for 2018-2021.

Vision Statement

Philadelphia Stories envisions an ever-expanding role in empowering the lives of writers, artists, and readers. We will achieve this by partnering with other organizations to enhance professional development opportunities for writers.

Mission Statement

The mission of Philadelphia Stories is to cultivate a diverse community of writers, artists, and readers in the Greater Philadelphia Area.

Core Values

Philadelphia Stories holds the following core values:

  •   Quality writing matters
  •   Showcasing Philadelphia as a cultural leader
  •   Quest for continuous learning
  •   Excellence in visual art
  •   Making literature free and accessible to a variety of audiences
  •   Cultivating a community of diverse writers, artists, and readers
  •   Respecting the spirit and energy of our volunteers and partners

Goals and Objectives: To grow the Philadelphia Stories Community through increased participation.

After conducting reader, writer, and member surveys in the initial Strategic Plan, both in person and electronically, the strategic planning committee identified three “Ps” as part of its strategic planning goals:


We promote regional writers through all marketing efforts, including events, contests, partnerships, readings, panels, press coverage, ads—any place where we promote regional writers.

Our goals for promotion include:

  • Continue to host 4 free readings per year (one/quarter) for Philadelphia Stories, serving 10-15 writers and 50-75 audience members
  • Continue to host one (1) free reading per year for Philadelphia Stories Junior, serving 10-15 writers and artists aged 12 and younger and 50-75 audience members
  • Continue to host one (1) free reading per year for Philadelphia Stories Teen, serving 10-15 writers and artists aged 13-18 and 50-75 audience members
  • Continue to host free book launch parties as new titles are released reaching 50-75 audience members
  • Create at least one new partnership each year that will help support our mission
  • Continue to host two (2)  national writing contests a year: Fall = fiction; spring = poetry, including award ceremonies for each
    • Our goal is to grow the number of submissions by 10% each year for greater promotion of our mission and greater revenue to support our programs. We will do this by increasing our marketing efforts and our print circulation as outlined under “Publication.”
    • Our goal is to increase attendance for our awards events by 10% each year to further support the winning writers and our mission. We will do this by increasing our marketing efforts and our print circulation as outlined under “Publication.”
  • Capitalize on our 15th anniversary in 2019 through events, publications, and fundraising efforts


We specifically connect writers to readers through our publications: Philadelphia Stories, Philadelphia Stories Junior,  Philadelphia Stories Teen, and PS Books.

Our goals for publication include:

  • Increase our annual distribution locations by 10% for Philadelphia Stories and 10% for Philadelphia Stories, Jr. and Teen. We will do this by reaching out to libraries in counties currently unserved, and mailing copies each quarter to these additional distribution outlets.
  • Publish at least one book title per year and an anthology every other year


We provide workshops and other professional development opportunities for writers and volunteers.

Our goals for professional development include:

  • Continue to host Push to Publish fall conference serving both established and emerging writers. Our goal for this program is to increase attendance by 10% each year until we reach capacity. We will do this by starting our marketing efforts sooner and increasing our marketing outreach.
  • Offer a second professional development event for writers in the spring in Philadelphia.
  • Continue to host the LitLife Poetry Festival to coincide with April poetry month and poetry contest.
  • Provide training and evaluation for Philadelphia Stories volunteers


In order to support and carry out the mission of Philadelphia Stories we require a stable flow of contributed income.

Our goals for fundraising are:

  • Grow PS individual contributions by 10% each year
  • Grow our annual campaign goals by 10% each year
  • Identify and apply for at least one new grant per year
  • Explore sponsorships for all conferences