Participating Speed Date Magazines, Editors and Agents

Julia Chang (Philadelphia Stories)
Marie Lamba (author)

Marc Schuster (Philadelphia Stories)
Matt Jordan (Philadelphia Stories)
Susan Perloff (writing coach)
Julia Chang (Philadelphia Stories)

Nathan Long (Philadelphia Stories)
Carla Spataro (Philadelphia Stories)
Aimee LaBrie (Philadelphia Stories)
Josh McIlvan (Don Ron Books/Philly Fiction)
Kathleen Volk Miller (Painted Bride Quarterly)
Randall Brown (Smoke Long Quarterly)  [FLASH]         
Fran Metzman (Wild River Review, Schuylkill Valley Journal)
Christine Yurick (Think Journal) – and poetry

Christine Cavalier (Philadelphia Stories)
Eileen D’Angelo (Mad Poet’s Review)
Rosemary Cappello (Philadelphia Poets)
Anna Evans (Schuylkill Valley Journal)
Peter Krok (Schuylkill Valley Journal)
Christine Yurick (Think Journal) – and fiction

Sarah Yake (Frances Collin Literary Agency) – fiction/literary fiction and young adult
Jon Stemfield (Irene Goodman Literary Agency) – literary fiction, thrillers, and narrative nonfiction  

Louise Fury (L. Perkins Associates) – High concept Young Adult fiction and fun, imaginative and engaging Middle Grade fiction (humor, adventure and mystery); historical (especially Regency and Victorian), paranormal and steampunk romance; contemporary category romance

Jonas Straus (Straus Literary) – literary fiction (interesting setting/context, such as an international location, immigrant community, or lesser known historical period; nonfiction (memoirs, journalism, biography, history, politics, travel and culinary narratives, and cookbooks)

Sheree Bykofsky Associates
prescriptive non-fiction, mysteries

Marc Schuster (Acquisitions Editor, PS Books) – literary fiction

Lisa Dale (Writer’s Relief) –  novels/memoirs/nonfiction

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