On the Seine

Nobody sits alone on the Seine,

A fact that’s unfortunately true

Of the twos and the threes and the fours and the tens,

And then me, who’s alone, but with you


You crouch beneath benches that I sit upon

You swim through the waters I paint

As I walk through the streets, you don’t stay for long

But by river, your form lies in wait


I remember, one time, when we came to the Seine,

I, nineteen, you, twenty and bold,

We looked like a painting that I bought that day

When the air didn’t feel quite so cold


But now I am here and your ghost is beside

The shoulder that still wears your coat,

If I look close enough, then I think I can find

The heart and initials we wrote


Yes, nobody sits alone on the Seine

I am watching the twos and the threes

Then I look to the river and whisper to you

“Bonjour, tu me manques, mon ami”

Emma Paolini is from Medford, New Jersey and attends Merion Mercy Academy. She enjoys reading, writing, and edits for her school’s literary magazine.