Nights of the Angels of the Transfiguration

We escape convent walls

a blizzard of angels


in white nightgowns

filthy feet and feathered wing


racing across grass

laughing among the narcissus


by day we are put away

beneath stained glass windows


no one hungers for us

lamenting princesses of Christ


small cold hands

without mothers to warm them


bruises beneath blouses

sisters of the holy misery


passing down their catechism of loveless

mothers to doomed daughters


at seventeen we escape

into watercolor light


the cold pink breath

of Sunday morning


Elizabeth Mercurio is a poet and teacher residing in York, Pennsylvania. She holds a degree in English from the University of South Florida. Her work has appeared in The York Daily Record, Yorkfest Anthology 2014, the blog Versify, and will be forthcoming in the journal Third Point Press. You can visit her at