My Hero: City Year’s Writing Contest 7th grade winner

Who do I consider to be a hero? Well, to me a hero is someone who will take a bullet for me or someone who will stand up for me and have my back even if no one else does. Also a hero, in my opinion, is someone who, if I call their name at any time, will come running to rescue me. In addition, a hero is someone who will risk their life to save yours. But a hero does not always have to help you physically; a hero can help you emotionally, too. Therefore, my hero is my dad.

One reason I consider my dad a hero is because he is very helpful. Even if my dad is very busy doing work he will stop what he is doing to help me. One time I was at school and I sprained my ankle. So my dad came all the way from his job in the middle of the day and took me to the doctor. This is significant to me because it shows me that, no matter what, he will always be there for me and that nothing else matters to him but me. Clearly, my dad is heroic through his helpfulness.

In addition, I consider my dad to be heroic because he is brave. My dad has proven to my family and me that he is not afraid of anything. In Philadelphia and New York we had hurricane Sandy. As a result of the storm, New York was flooded and lost power, so my dad volunteered to go to New York for his job to help restore power. This shows he is daring because he was willing to go through the flood into the darkness and mess with the electricity, not to mention leaving his family behind. Therefore, I would consider my father to be a hero.

In conclusion, heroes are all around us, but my hero is my father. My father can best be characterized as heroic because he is not afraid of anything, and he is always willing to drop what he is doing to help others around him. My dad is also kind and protective. Because of all of his positive characteristics, my dad is my HERO.


Mya Mills is a 7th grader at Mastery Charter Shoemaker Campus. She is a very trustworthy, sup- portive and dependable young woman. Always one for creativity, she loves to try new things. When around her, she’ll always have you laughing.